Just What Should You Expect After a Breast Reduction?

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So yesterday we looked at the popular procedure - a breast reduction in Liverpool, Manchester, Newton le Willows or Bolton. If you are unsure whether this is the right procedure for you and have not read our earlier entry, then I recommend you go there first.  Today we are going to look at what happens next and what to expect after you have had this very popular procedure. When you wake up from surgery after having a breast reduction,  you will usually find that you have dressings attached to your breasts and possibly some plastic tubing attached to help [...]

Want a Breast reduction? Read this first.

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Are you considering a Breast Reduction in Manchester, Liverpool, Newton – Le - Willows or Bolton?  Bigger is not always the better option: For women who have exceptionally large breasts, they may actually find them painful. The weight of a larger breast can cause bad posture resulting in neck, back or shoulder pain as well as discomfort from underwear digging into the skin. Other ladies may just find that their larger breasts negatively affect their self-confidence and overall body image.  Do you resonate with any of these symptoms?  If so then this procedure may be just what you need. [...]

Liposuction – The Recovery.

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So lets imagine that you are now an inpatient and have had your liposuction in Liverpool, Manchester or nearby. Yesterday we looked at exactly what happens during the Liposuction procedure. Today’s blog will look at the recovery and what happens immediately after surgery: As well as what to expect in the weeks after. To help minimise swelling and to help with bruising, you usually will be asked to wear an elasticated support corset or compression bandages. Usually you will need to wear this for several weeks after the procedure to aid healing, although it can be removed when bathing [...]

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Liposuction – What Does It Involve?

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So you have decided that you want to have Liposuction in Manchester or nearby. You have done all your research to find a cosmetic surgeon in Manchester that has great reviews and has considerable experience . You have found a cosmetic surgeon that you feel comfortable with and has answered all of your questions. You’ve decided to go for it: You’ve had the consultation and your surgery for Liposuction  is booked – but what does it involve? So firstly what is the aim of Liposuction? It is a cosmetic operation that is performed to remove undesirable body fat: If [...]

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The Consultation. Questions to Ask.

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You’ve decided to go ahead with cosmetic surgery in Manchester, Liverpool or nearby. Let’s imagine that it is a tummy tuck in Manchester that you are looking for or a tummy tuck in Liverpool.  You’ve done your research and found a plastic surgeon in Manchester that sounds promising; or a plastic surgeon in Liverpool that meets all the criteria that you have been looking for.  So what happens next?  The consultation is a face-to-face meeting; that allows you to find more information about the procedure that you are considering. This includes subjects such as: What is involved and is [...]

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How to pick your Plastic Surgeon in Manchester, Liverpool or Nearby

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Are you looking for a Plastic Surgeon in Manchester ? Or maybe a Plastic Surgeon in Liverpool? Mr Ahmed Abd El Gawad has over 20 years experience. He works for the NHS as well as seeing private patients. He offers cosmetic surgery in Liverpool and Manchester. He also has clinics in Bolton and Newton-Le-Willows. Mr El Gawad has a particular interest in the following: Cosmetic facial surgery: Body contouring after considerable weight loss and all aspects of breast surgery procedures. Ok, so you have decided that you want to have Cosmetic Surgery. Now what do you look for, when [...]

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