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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Manchester, Liverpool, Newton Le Willows and Bolton, UK

Are you  thinking about having Plastic or Cosmetic surgery in a Manchester, Liverpool or nearby?  Mr El Gawad is a cosmetic surgeon with private and public clinics all over the Northwest including Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and Newton Le Willows. He has developed a solid experience in plastic surgery over more than two decades.  Mr El Gawad specialises in a range of cosmetic procedures including: Breast surgery (enlargement, uplift, reduction  and male breast reduction): A range of facial surgery (face and neck lift, eyelid, ears pinned back & rhinoplasty procedures): As well as mummy makeovers including, Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty), Liposuction, arm lift and thigh lift.

He is on the General Medical Council specialist register as a Plastic Surgeon. He is also a full member of the renowned British Association of Plastic and reconstructive surgeons (BAPRAS). As well as the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic surgeons (BAAPS). He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (RCSEd). Finally he is a member of the European Board of Plastic Surgery (EBOPRAS).

He works and see patients within an NHS setting as well as seeing clients in several private hospitals across the UK.  He is currently an NHS Consultant Plastic Surgeon, based at the Royal Liverpool University Teaching hospital, as the main Plastic Surgery provider.

Mr El Gawad has been elected as a reviewer for a number of international journals. Journal editorial boards rely on him to carefully assess and select the outstanding research from his field of expertise. He has numerous publications in the peer reviewed international journals. In addition, he is regularly invited to speak at international conferences as well as meetings to teach and share his vast experience.

Mr El Gawad offers a FREE initial consultation for all plastic surgery procedures. Patients have the option of having their treatment within a private hospital as well as the traditional NHS hospital environment. Contact him today to discuss what would be best to suit your unique circumstances. 0% Finance is offered on all plastic surgery options (subject to status).

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What to expect when having cosmetic surgery in Manchester or Liverpool?

Ok, so you’ve decided to go ahead and have plastic surgery within a public or private hospital setting. But what questions should you be asking? How should you choose your surgeon?  What else should you be thinking about? Can you have multiple procedures?  Click on the tabs to the right to get the answers to these questions and more. 

Cosmetic surgeon Mr El Gawad preparing for surgery
Cosmetic Surgeon Mr El Gawad and his team in Liverpool hospital

We live in a society where if we are not happy with something – we can replace or change it with something else that we do want. This concept extends to our appearance. Therefore cosmetic surgery is an excellent way to deal with troublesome areas of the body that diet or exercise has been unable to alter, but it still should be approached with great caution.  More people are opting to go in for surgery and this is rising year on year. Its true that the beauty industry is booming.

But Mr El Gawad, a cosmetic surgeon with public and private hospital options in Manchester, Liverpool and throughout the Northwest, wants to make sure that patients that book in for treatment with him are doing it for the right reasons. If a patient is showing signs that they are really unhappy with many aspects of their body they may suffer from a condition called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). If someone suffers from this then what a person sees in the mirror is a negative view of reality. For example they may see an overweight and unattractive reflection when in reality their weight is in the normal range for their age and height. Or tiny breasts when in reality there current shape suits their overall body shape and if they were to go bigger they would be out of proportion to their natural frame. These are just a few examples of what BDD can do to a person’s perspective of their own body.  If a person suffers from this then its possible they would still not be happy with the outcome after surgery regardless of how many procedures they had done and  is it may be better that they sought psychological help such as counselling first.

In other instances however, such as the person who is left with loose skin after a significant weight loss, cosmetic surgery is an exceptional way of getting the body they have always dreamed about.

Some of the most popular procedures Mr El Gawad offers include:

Mr El Gawad offers a wide range of these plastic surgery techniques in a NHS or private hospital setting with top class facilities and exceptional care. 0% Finance is available subject to status. FREE consultations available on all procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery infographic

Many patients report psychological benefits after having surgery that mean they are in a better frame of mind to go out and socialise. For example a person may feel self conscious due to the fact they have exceptionally large breasts. They feel that people stare and laugh at their out of proportion upper frame. The weight of their breasts causes back ache and pain, which directly affects their mood in the way that they’re very often irritable and find themselves snapping at friends due to the overwhelm of the situation. They struggle to find fashionable clothes that fit and this further adds to their psychological distress. They feel helpless and frustrated. Their self image is poor and as a result they find they don’t go out that often, instead locking themself behind closed doors which can result in loneliness and further distress.  A breast reduction in this instance would remove a lot of the root causes connected to the above scenario. The pain associated with large breasts may reduce helping; clothes will fit better and there will be more options in the shops in regards to style and choice; suddenly they feel that people are not staring and speaking to their face rather than staring at their breasts. A person in this situation may be now more inclined to go out and socialize with friends as the barriers mentioned previously will be removed. Therefore yes it is true that cosmetic surgery, in some instances, could have an indirect effect on a person’s social life and hence help with loneliness.

But what about the other benefits?

I know cosmetic surgery will improve my appearance – but will it Increase my confidence and self esteem too?

According to Mr El Gawad, an increase in confidence is possibly the most important result he experiences in his patients after having surgery. Of course it’s important that you are having the surgery for the right reasons. For yourself and not for anyone else. And there isn’t any underlying psychological problems such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) that are driving your desires to have surgery (See the tab above this “what areas can I treat with plastic surgery” for more details on this). But surgery can help with areas of your body that you have been unable to tweak through diet or exercise and yes most patients find that they experience an increase in confidence and a higher self esteem with the resulting improvement in appearance.

Can Cosmetic Surgery Increase our Physical Health? 

Yes Absolutely.
There are many other benefits that could result from having cosmetic surgery (other than the results on our looks).
Some procedures can actually help with our physical health. Eyelid surgery for example could be done to help a patient who is struggling with their eyesight due to their eyelid interfering with their field of vision. Or nose surgery can be performed on a patient who is struggling to breathe. Botox can be used to help with excess sweating and a tummy tuck can be done to help repair damaged tummy muscles that are causing pain and discomfort. 
Mr El Gawad will go over the various procedures and what other benefits could come as a result in your individual case and situation.
Long lasting Results 
There are various non surgical options that can help with some of the cosmetic issues that people come across in their appearance. But the problem with these are they often have to be repeated frequently to keep the results looking fresh. The results of cosmetic surgery are much more longer lasting. The natural aging process of the body can affect the result of surgery over a greater period of time, such as the case of a facelift or breast uplift and its important to note that some surgeries may need to be repeated at some point in the future such as in the case of breast augmentation where the implants would have to be replaced, but the longevity of the majority of cosmetic surgery techniques are classed as permanent.

There are advantages and disadvantages to everything in life and cosmetic surgery is no different. It is important however that a patient knows exactly what is involved with surgery, including any risks. Therefore here are a few things that should be considered.

The expense of surgery

Its true that cosmetic surgery costs considerable amounts of money. In some instances surgery may be covered by the NHS, however if the surgery is required for cosmetic reasons then this usually isn’t covered.  It’s also worth mentioning that some people often pursue surgery abroad to save money. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ unfortunately is very applicable in this case. The level of training is often poor and there are few regulations in some countries in regards to the rules of who is allowed to carry out cosmetic procedures. Patients often find the results of surgery extremely disappointing and in more serious cases there are been life threatening complications. There is more information on  this in a lower tab in this section titled “what about having cosmetic surgery abroad”.

To make surgery accessible for more people, Mr El Gawad offers 0% Finance (sts) for all his procedures so that patients are able to spread out the cost of surgery.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Addictive? 

If a person is wanting surgery due to an underlying psychological issue or mental illness then yes they risk wanting procedure after procedure as if addicted to the process. Mr El Gawad will only perform surgery on a person for the right reasons. If he feels that the surgery is not necessary or a person is demonstrating an unhealthy attitude towards multiple treatments such as in a case of addition, he will refer the patient to the necessary channels to get help.

Your surgery isn’t as expected

What we picture in our head, in regards to the final result of surgery, compared the the reality of what is achievable may be completely different. There are many factors that influence what is possible with surgery and sometimes our expectation may simply not line up. We may have a nose that is extremely bulbous in appearance at the tip for example and the width of the original nose is thick throughout. Our expectation may be to have surgery to have instead a smaller button nose that is thinner throughout the whole length. Our original bone structure will not allow such a drastic change therefore with all the will in the world the original expectations could never be met. This is why it’s vitally important to discuss exactly what you want to achieve with your surgery BEFORE you book in for that final date. You must be totally honest with your expectations therefore you will be better prepared for the results after you come out of theatre.

Surgery can and sometimes does go wrong

There is more details on each procedure regarding the specific risks of each surgery, but it’s important to understand that surgery does not come risk free.

There is considerable downtime after surgery

There is more details on each procedure regarding the specifics for the required downtime of each procedure. It can also be discussed individually in the consultation regarding your unique circumstances, but it’s important to know that there will be considerable downtime with most cosmetic procedures.

No. If wanting to book in for a private hospital appointment for your cosmetic surgery –  you can attend a consultation with a surgeon without a GP referral. During this consultation you will discuss the best cosmetic surgery procedure to meet your needs.

However it is highly recommended that you talk to your GP to facilitate the decision of seeing a plastic surgeon. Mr El Gawad would encourage you to share your consultation details with your GP in regards to continuity of care.

Do you know the difference?

Cosmetic surgery is focused on enhancing your appearance and looks at body parts that otherwise work and function normally. Whereas plastic surgery looks at the reconstruction of body or facial parts due to an accident, birth defect, a burn or from disease.

Absolutely not.  The number of men who choose to have surgery within a private hospital setting have almost doubled in the last decade. This is still rising every year. Popular procedure that men opt for include:

  • Male breast Reduction
  • tummy tuck
  • Liposuction
  • treatments to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Facial surgery

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The price for cosmetic surgery at a public or private hospital will depend on the plastic surgery procedure and many other factors. When you are discussing the price for your cosmetic surgery – make sure that the figure includes everything and there is no hidden costs. Make sure that the hospital fee, consultants fee, anaesthetist’s charges, any medications and pain relief, dressings, and all after-care is included.  Also when asking about the cost of your surgery – make sure you are aware of any costs that may be chargeable if something was to go wrong.

  • Ask questions to make sure that your initial consultation is with the cosmetic surgeon who will be performing your procedure.  Make sure that it is not with one of their representatives.
  • You must be fully open about your goals and expectations. Make sure you are fully honest about the changes that you want to see to ensure the best outcome.
  • Ask about the surgeons qualifications. Also enquire about how they measure their customers satisfaction including what percentage of patients have to have further corrective surgery.
  • What risks does the procedure have? All cosmetic surgery procedures carry some risk. It’s important that you are fully aware of these before you go ahead and have surgery.
  • How long will the results last? Some procedures may have longer lasting results than others. Its therefore important that you ask these questions so that you have clear expectations of what the final outcome will be.

A good surgeon will be totally open and honest about these questions. If you have any doubts in these early stages – walk away and find another cosmetic surgeon.

More information on choosing your surgeon can be seen if you click here

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The aftercare can be just as important as the surgery itself. There are risks to absolutely every cosmetic procedure. Therefore it’s vitally important that you know what will happen (and are confident they are able to handle it) should any complications arise. During the consultation at your chosen public or private hospital, make sure that you ask questions about who to contact after surgery and how you will be looked after if any issues arise.

Mr EL Gawad believes that its the marking of the offered aftercare that makes a truly good surgeon. He has an outstanding reputation for offering top of the range care, 24/7 after your surgery has been performed. He offers plastic surgery at several top of the range private hospitals throughout the UK.  Including Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and Newton Le Willows. Contact him here to book a FREE consultation. 

Most cosmetic surgeons will happily provide you with before and after photos – to give an example of what can be achieved during surgery. Make sure that the photographs are the surgeon’s actual patients and not just any old photo that’s been picked up off the internet. Click HERE to view before and after photos of patients who have had cosmetic surgery on various parts of their body. Alternatively contact me HERE to arrange to see more before and after photos of your chosen procedure.

hernia repair and breast uplift before and after photo

Before and after photo of tummy tuck

before and after eyelid surgery

Do you have multiple areas that you want to address on your body ?

For example –  excess skin on your stomach that you are unable to tweak through diet or exercise?  Maybe you also feel that your breasts would benefit from some attention to combat the effects of the natural aging process and gravity? Did you know you are able to have multiple procedures at the same time.

This has the benefit of saving time, money (as it costs less than individual treatments) less downtime overall and no need for a second anaesthetic.

Multiple surgeries are tailored to the exact need of the individual patient. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss what would work best for your individual case.

Mummy Makeover Cosmetic Surgery - Before and After

Everyone is unique therefore every patient tolerates pain after cosmetic surgery in a slightly different way. Your surgeon will advise on the best pain medications to help reduce your discomfort depending on your individual case.

In a nutshell, most facial cosmetic procedures have the least discomfort post-operatively. The recovery after liposuction can be slightly more uncomfortable. The most uncomfortable cosmetic surgery procedures usually are the ones that require elevation or tightening of the muscles.  For example you would experience more discomfort from from procedures such such as an abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck). The discomfort felt from a breast augmentation could be compared to the recovery from a C-section.

These should only be used as a guide and it should be remembered that everyone’s experience will be different.

Some people decide to travel abroad for their cosmetic surgery procedures. Before you agree to go ahead you should be absolutely clear about who will pay for what, should your treatment go wrong while you are still there. Your travel insurance would unlikely cover it so you could find yourself having to foot the bill.
It’s also vitally important to do your homework on the experience and qualifications of your surgeon – some countries allow people to perform plastic surgery procedures with no formal qualification levels beyond those of a basic general practitioner. Would you allow your local GP to perform life changing surgery on you with no real surgery training?
Please see the links below for further advice.


Improvements in plastic surgery techniques began during the World War. Large numbers soldiers were injured, therefore the surgeons had no choice but to improvise to save lives. All of this led to new innovations and development of surgery methods and techniques.

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Do you work for the NHS? If so I can offer you a massive 10% discount of the cost of surgery. Contact me for further details.

Free Initial Consultation

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I offer a FREE initial consultation to discuss the best surgery route to get the outcome that you are looking for.

Finance Available

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Want to spread the cost of your surgery? No problem – 0% Finance available subject to status. Contact me to apply.

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You have decided to have cosmetic surgery at a public or private hospital in Manchester, Liverpool or nearby – now it’s time to choose your surgeon. I always recommend that you research your chosen surgeon in depth – Here is a link to what my beautiful past patients have said about their experience; before and after surgery with me.