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Here is a few testimonials from my beautiful patients. Read all about what they have said about their experience with different cosmetic procedures – before and after surgery. More reviews also available on request. If you want to have Plastic Surgery In Manchester or Liverpool – Contact me to see before and after photos, of patients I have worked with before.

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I had been wanting to have a tummy tuck for the past few years and had a couple of consultations but just wasn’t comfortable with the appointments until I met Mr El Gawad. I booked my procedure within a month of meeting him and I am happy to say I am 2 weeks post op and have the most amazing tummy! He is the most professional, experienced and most amazing person I have met. He has absolutely changed my life and I am so happy with the results so far.I would recommend him 100% and totally trusted him to carry out the procedure. Thank you so much.

Dr Gawad is simply the best. I have had a tummy tuck and liposuction and am delighted with the results and its only been three weeks after op. Dr Gawad has been there every step of the way for me . He has answered my calls and e-mails with in seconds any time of day or evenings. Dr Gawad is a morden surgeon who is certainly with the times and knows the looks that woman want.

I met Mr. El Gawad for the first time back in February 2018 when I went for a consultation in Newton-le-Willows. When I first met him, the first thing I noticed was his confidence, not in a flashy kind of way, but in a manner which portrayed his knowledge, skill and understanding and I am very happy to report that my first impression deemed true, this man is very close to a miracle worker for me. I had undergone bariatric surgery 18 months ago lost lots of weight and had been left with the usual unsightly hanging skin around my hips and thighs, to be honest I felt hideous to look at.

He met with me and immediately put me at ease, explained everything more than once and even gave me a little test at the end of our consultation to make sure I was listening, it was at that point I knew I had found my surgeon. As I live in the United States it took a little while to get the surgery time booked but nevertheless Mr. El Gawad fitted me into his schedule for the date I had requested, even at short notice …now that’s what I call service!!

I am now almost 2 weeks post op, I had a tummy tuck and thigh lift with liposuction, and I had been warned by friends beforehand about the pain, but I have had no real pain to speak of at all. I was given Mr. El Gawad’s mobile number and he advised me I could call anytime, when I developed a pain I couldn’t reason away, I called him on a Sunday morning and he answered, took one look at my wound through FaceTime and told me what to do… problem solved. I am about to meet him again tomorrow for my 2 week follow up appointment and I hope he’s as pleased with my progress as I am.

I look fantastic even through the compression garment. When it comes time to having my arms and breast lift done, I have no doubt who will be performing the surgery!! Thank you Mr. El Gawad for giving me back the rest of my life, I wish you and your family the very best of health and happiness. You are a awesome man and a most excellent surgeon.

Following 7 operations on my femur including 2 fixators to regrow the bone my left thigh looked like i had been bitten by shark. Mr El Gawad was brought in by my brilliant orthopeadic consultant Mr Nyagam at Broadgreen Hospital specialist limb construction clinic, to advise on if the scar and scar tissue could be improved. He was lovely, instantly positive and honest as i will always be left with a scar but he operated in Dec 2017 and is is so much improved already. i would highly recommend he has a lovely patient attitude and in my opinion is also very skilled.

I am 2 weeks post op after having a facelift under the care of Mr El Gawad . I first met him some 2 yrs ago when he operated on my daughter . I was so impressed with his care . He was lovely with my daughter . I never thought I would have a facelift ! So in a way I chose my surgeon before the procedure It has been the best decision I have made .

He is an amazing surgeon but more importantly he is caring , empathic , honest and understanding.As an ex nurse I know how important those qualities are . He is supported by a great team and I am sure he is a great surgeon to work for and with . I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone . Thank you Mr El Gawad for everything.

I did research on plastic surgeons and decided from all the positive reviews I would see Mr El Gawad. I first saw Mr El Gawad in April this year (2018) to discuss the possibility of me having surgery after a huge weight loss. I needed an arm lift (Brachioplasty) desperately along with other things.

After speaking to Mr El Gawad he was such a friendly and pleasant, honest person. He listened to me and he advised me of timings, and procedures about what was involved. He wanted to make sure my weight had stabilized and so I agreed to go back and see him at the end of June 18. We agreed on doing my surgery in 2 stages as I needed a tummy tuck plus a hernia repair. Doing it all in one go was too long of an operation so in July 18 I went into Pall Mall Medical in Newton Le Willows and had my arm lift and also a breast lift.

I am just two weeks post op now and having seen Mr El Gawad for my follow up appointment I am extremely pleased with the outcome so far. I am still healing and wont know the extent of the scars but looking at the cuts so far they are very good. What also got me was that Mr El Gawad phoned me at home the day after I went home to make sure everything was ok with me and I had no problems. In clinic for my follow up he was so positive and friendly. He wont let me rush my next surgery making sure I am fully healed from this surgery first. Very wise. The staff at Pall Mall Medical are all so nice. Such lovely people.

Mr. A. El Gawad is a very dedicated plastic surgeon. He made me feel safe and and relax before my bilateral breasts reduction. He explained everything I need to know. Now, I feel so happy with my “new” breasts. I don’t need to wear wired bra anymore. Thank you Mr. El Gawad.

On my first meeting with Dr El Gawad I was extremely impressed by how friendly and informative he was with me and the amount of time he put aside to discuss procedures I was looking into. I was extremely nervous as I was very much looking for a natural outcome which would enhance me rather than noticeably change my look. I can categorically say that Dr El Gawad is the best surgeon I could have hoped for.

Initially I had Juviderm injections in my upper lip which have given me a slightly fuller yet natural look. This has increased my confidence and actually softened my face and smile, yet no-one has noticed this has specifically been done. There was no pressure at all and I actually went away for a number of weeks to think about this before booking the appointment.

On the 18th April I have now had the breast augmentation I have always wanted since I was 18 (I am now 41!). I felt complete trust in his recommendations and have had 275cc implants over the muscle which look and feel the perfect shape for my body size. I am looking forward to the full healing of this surgery as I can see that the outcome will be perfect for what I had hoped to achieve. I have had consultations elsewhere with other surgeons yet never felt comfortable either with the information or the guidance given.

Having met Dr El Gawad initially at Pall Mall medical centre in Manchester I left knowing that he would be the best person to return to as he understood what would suit me. I can only say in my experience I would whole heartedly recommend this man – and further than that trust in his guidance. I have already passed on his details to friends of mine who like myself are looking for enhancements which achieve confidence, a great profile (from my BA) but most importantly being able to completely be listened to and respected. A great surgeon with a friendly and positive manner who totally puts you at ease!

Dr El Gawad carried out my breast augmentation. He totally listened to me throughout the whole process and advised me how to achieve the look I wanted. I am over the moon with the end result!

I first seen Mr Gawad a number of months ago, from the very first consultation he guaranteed with abosloute confidence the results I was going to expect. His cofidence in getting me the results I wanted put my mind at rest… I went on to have a further 4 consultations with Mr Gawad and every time he reassured me with absolute confidence!

Day of surgery of course is a nervous time for anyone, again Mr Gawads caring nature put me right at ease, throughout the whole proceedure he was fantastic, as I was awake throughout my proceedure he talked me through the process which was great. I’m 2 weeks post op now and my results are incredible ! Everything Mr Gawad promised is exactly what I got ! The aftercare has been amazing, any questions I have he has answered almost instantly over email ! I honestly can’t thank Mr Gawad enough, from start to finish he has been amazing!

Mr El Gawad is truly the most incredible, caring surgeon you could ever wish for! He gives the best advise, always with your best interests in his heart, he is honest, extremely caring and highly experienced. His knowledge and friendly manner of communication made me feel confident, happy and safe under his care. I did a lot of research before contacting Mr El Gawad and I’m so glad I made the decision!

No review can explain how brilliant he is! He truly wants the best outcome for his patients and thinks about them and their life in the long term, giving all options, choices and making aware of different outcomes. I’m a so happy after my procedure, from start tk finish i knew i was in the best hands and I feel onfident knowing that it has been performed by such a skilled and caring surgeon! Thank you so much Sir!

I LOVE Dr Ahmed El Gawad, I recently had a breast augmentation and liposuction and he was amazing from first consultation until after care appointment, I trust him with my life and the results are amazing, he really cares about your wants and needs and will guide you with his thoughts and never pushy, his patients come first. I guarantee you will receive perfect care by him and his team, I truly recommend him from the bottom of my heart, he’s been a star!

If you’re looking for an incredible plastic surgeon who is genuine, caring, kind, honest and has years of experience, then Mr El Gawad is your man ! I went to see Mr El Gawad in January for my first consultation and I knew instantly I wanted this man to carry out my surgery.

His knowledge, experience and his caring nature made me feel confident and safe under his care. At 49 years of age I wanted a breast uplift with implants and Mr El Gawad gave me the best advice on the type of implant and size that would suit my frame and I can honestly say I absolutely love them !

He clearly explained the 2 procedures to me and the kind of scar I would have ( which was the anchor ) all the risks involved and recovery process, answering all my questions. I had another 3 consultations with Mr El Gawad before my surgery and I always felt happy and relaxed after seeing him. My surgery was at the Newton Le Willows hospital and what a fantastic hospital it was, all the staff are a credit to the hospital. I had my own room which was spotless, the nurses Maxine and Bev couldn’t do enough for me, making me feel at ease all the time, Maxine gave me her mobile number when I was discharged and told me to ring her if I had any concerns no matter how small.

Mr El Gawad telephoned me the night before surgery to see if I was ok and if I had any questions and again just made me feel totally relaxed, even after surgery he texted me at home to see how I was doing and I wonder how many surgeons do that. The aftercare I would say is second to none, nothing is too much trouble, no matter how many times I texted Mr El Gawad he always answered my questions within minutes and was always happy to help. I think Mr El Gawad is an amazing surgeon who goes above and beyond his duties, he’s very kind and caring with a good sense of humour and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone and if I decide to have further treatment he would be my man.

I have had a breast reduction and tummy tuck. My surgeon was fantastic before the operation he made everything clear. He made me feel relaxed but was also very informative. The surgery was at Pall Mall Newton all the staff where lovely and I felt confident before and after the surgery. I was home after 1 night I had great pain relief I have felt well supported been able to text nurses for advice so excellent after care.

My results are amazing I was told it would be life changing and it truly is. I would definitely recommend Mr El Gawad he is a fantastic doctor with an excellent manner and very skilled surgeon. Thank you for my new body it’s amazing!

At my first consultation I was very anxious and nervous. Mr El Gawad became aware of this almost immediately. He instantly made me feel relaxed. I had gone to see him as I was wanting my breast implants out and a mastopexy. Within in 2 minutes of examining me he informed me he suspected I had a rupture. He said he did not want to operate until I had some scans completed. (I did not pay for these. I was referred by my own GP).

We discussed having new implants put in, but this was certainly something I did not want, even if it meant going from a DD to A cup. He discussed the surgery and what it would involve and the type of scars I would be left with. I was having and anchor scar. After a couple of months, I returned to see Mr El Gawad and a date was set for my operation. It was months and not weeks as I had to wait for results from scan.

From start to finish I can honestly say I have had a fantastic service from Mr El Gawad, he made my experience feel very personal, he always got back to me with in a timely manner. He answered all emails I sent him, he goes above and beyond his duties as a surgeon. He is very kind and understanding with a brilliant sense of humour. I would not hesitate in recommending him. You would have to go a long way to find a surgeon of his quality.