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Breast Reduction Surgery

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What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, can help women who are not happy or feeling self conscious about the appearance of their breasts. This can be anything from the shape, weight and droop of their breasts. The operation makes the breast appear to be smaller and more lifted through a process that removes any excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts. It may not just be the appearance of the breast that is the problem. A patient may choose to have breast reduction surgery to help reduce discomfort such as neck or back ache. Or finally they may have this type of surgery done to achieve a breast size that is proportionate to the rest of their body if they have exceptionally large breasts. Breast reduction surgery is also used to help improve a person’s self-image and mental wellbeing. They may find they are not able to join in activities that their peers or family participate in and hence feel isolated and lonely. Therefore a breast reduction may be to to enable them to join in physical activities and sports.

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Wondering what to expect? At a glance, this is what you should typically expect following your breast reduction surgery…

2 – 3

Hours in surgery

1 – 2

Days in hospital

2 – 3

Weeks before driving

4 – 6

Weeks before strenuous exercise

There is so much to talk about with regard to your breast reduction surgery. This section is all about FAQs, specific risks and other important information.

FAQs Risks Other info

What to expect & FAQs.

Ok, so you now know the basics about breast reduction cosmetic surgery: But will you be awake in the theatre? What will happen during the actual breast surgery itself? How much does it cost?

Some women have ongoing struggles with large breasts, which can be especially problematic if the breasts are out of
proportion to their overall figure. The following problems and symptoms may arise in women who have very large breasts:

‣ The weight from a large breast may cause a person to have bad posture amongst other issues.  This may result in pain in the shoulder, back, neck and breast regions
‣ The weight of large breasts may cause bra straps to dig in the shoulders. This may cause marks and pain on the shoulders.
‣ The large breasts may be susceptible to getting hot and sweaty under the crease. This may result in inflamed skin under and around the breast.
‣Many of the bras on the high street are made for smaller breast sizes. Therefore ladies with large breasts may struggle to find suitable bra’s that fit and support the breast correctly. They also may not be as fashionable as smaller bras causing a low self image.
‣ Struggles to find clothes that fit  correctly. Women with large breasts often find that they need much larger size tops compared to their bottoms
‣ An ongoing struggle to exercise may end up in problems such as a difficulty to maintain an ideal weight and the psychological problems associated with people who do not exercise regularly. These struggles are usually due to pain and discomfort caused by the heavy breasts
‣ A loss of confidence in their appearance, a lack of self esteem and paranoia that people are staring at their large breasts whilst in conversation.

Breast reduction surgery often can help to reduce and control these symptoms. Although it must be noted that they will only help if large breasts are the main cause to the issues. For example, if the back pain is due to other underlying causes, surgery will not help.

Most people believe that breast reduction surgery is performed on women only. Mr El Gawad reports that the number of men that email him with worries and complaints about the size of their breasts is rising year on year. There is a separate procedure however available for men who are struggling with large amounts of breast tissue. Please click here for more information about breast reduction surgery for men.

Having surgery is a major decision. And some patients prefer to try alternative methods first before making the final decision to go ahead.  There unfortunately isn’t many alternatives that would result in a major difference in the size and shape of the breast. However for more minor cases weight loss can sometimes help to reduce the amount of fatty tissue in the breast. In these cases the size of the breast will naturally be reduced slightly.

If you are considering breast surgery to help with the other problems associated with large breasts; the following may be helpful in reducing your symptoms.

  • If you are experiencing pain and general aches in the neck, back and shoulders you may benefit from having physiotherapy. You will be given exercises specifically designed to help with these types of issues.
  • If you are struggling with the problems associated with large breasts, its essential that you use a professional bra fitting service to make sure your bra is as supportive as possible. This is because a well fitting bra will better support the weight of a larger breast and hence can help reduce some of the issues associated with this.
  • If you are struggling with emotional or mental health issues as a result of your large breasts, psychological support and treatment can help you cope. This type of support can help to raise a fragile self esteem and help you to focus on more positive aspects of your life and body rather than what you don’t like.

We are all guilty sometimes of wanting something almost ‘yesterday’. However if you are considering any of the following it may be a good idea to postpone surgery:

  • Pregnancy. If you are planning to have more children in the immediate future or further down the line, it may be an idea to postpone your surgery date until after you have had the baby to gain the best possible outcome.   The breasts can change considerably in size and shape during pregnancy and the results of your surgery could be severely compromised. Although a lot of women have no issues with breastfeeding their baby after breast surgery, there is a possible chance that your ability to breastfeed will be reduced after having breast reduction surgery.
  • Weight changes. Future weight fluctuations, both by putting on and losing weight, can have a direct impact on the size and shape of the breasts. If you have active plans to alter your current weight at a later date – it is advised that you do this BEFORE booking in for breast surgery.

Guide Price of Breast Reduction  in Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and Newton Le Willows.

Breast Reduction Cost . £6850

0% Finance available (sts). Please contact me to book a FREE consultation or to discuss finance options.

If you decide you want have breast reduction surgery with Mr El Gawad (Clinics in Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton or Newton Le Willows), you should expect to have one or more free consultations before you actually go ahead with the surgery.  During these, Mr El Gawad will discuss what will happen before, during and after the breast surgery procedure takes place. He will also prepare you for any pain you might experience and how severe it may be and what to expect in regards to time you need to take off work etc.

Your breasts and body will be reassessed on the day of surgery. Photographs will be taken for your medical records. Usually the position of the intended surgical cuts will be marked on your body with a surgical pen before you go to theatre.

Other considerations may include:

  •  If you are a smoker it is advised that you stop approximately 8 weeks prior to surgery.
  • To reduce the chances of you suffering from thrombosis (blood clots) after surgery, it is advised that you stop taking oral contraception four to six weeks before your surgery takes place.  Please consult with your doctor about this and discuss an alternative method of contraception during this time.

Breast Reduction surgery is usually done under general anaesthesia. This means you will be totally asleep during the breast surgery procedure and will not remember any of the actual procedure.

You will usually need to avoid eating any food or having anything to drink for several hours before the operation takes place. However please follow your anaesthetist’s advice that will be relevant to your unique case.

Your surgeon would mark the areas on your body with a surgical pen to indicate where cuts are to be made and so on.

Once in surgery, there are several techniques that your surgeon could use; but generally the following will occur.

  • Your nipple will be moved to its new position. This is usually done whilst still being attached to your blood  supply.
  • Your surgeon will cut away and remove the excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts.
  • The remaining breast tissue will be reshaped and if implants are being used these will be added to give the desired final result.

Breast reduction surgery usually takes two to three hours in active theatre with the surgeon. With smaller breast reductions (say for example you was originally a D cup and wanted to go to a C cup) you may be ok as a day case with no overnight hospital stay. For larger reductions you may be required to stay in hospital for a day or two after you wake from your surgery to check everything is ok.

Mr El Gawad will discuss what pain you should expect to feel after breast surgery during the initial consultation. Therefore you will be fully informed with what to expect. There will likely to be a bit of discomfort at these early stages. Therefore you will be offered pain relief to help with this after your breast reduction surgery has taken place.

You will have dressings on your breasts when you wake after surgery and sometimes plastic tubes will still be attached. Do not be alarmed with this – they are there to drain any blood away and will be removed before you leave the private hospital. These tubes will be removed after one to two days and then you will usually be able to go home.

Please expect that your breasts will likely to be swollen and feel tender and lumpy after breast surgery.

You will definitely not be able to drive after breast surgery due to any pain and the after effects of the drugs used in surgery therefore someone would need to drive you home.

It’s recommended that you have someone stay with you for the following 24 hours after leaving hospital from having breast surgery to make sure you are ok.

You may be advised to wear a special sports bra for upto 3 months after the operation. This is to help reduce the swelling and can help with the overall result.

Your stitches will need to be removed after about a week or two. A lot of private hospitals however now use dissolvable stitches in which case they will disappear on their own.

You should notice an immediate difference in size. However the final results of breast reduction surgery aren’t always visible until the swelling has gone down. It can take several months for the area that was treated to settle completely.

Most women should expect to have a scar around the nipple after breast reduction surgery. With some surgical techniques, the resulting scar will come down vertically and horizontally across the breast crease (anchor-shaped). Alternatively it will run down vertically to the breast crease. Speak to your surgeon for specific advice regarding your individual case.

Specific risks.

Having a breast reduction is a major decision and not something that should be decided upon lightly. Cosmetic surgery can and sometimes does go wrong and the results may not be what you expected.The following points cover the specific risks associated with this procedure. Click on each point for more information on that specific risk.

This usually happens in the early few hours to few days. This may require a visit back to theatre.

This usually happens in the first few days. This may need a course of antibiotics.

This may need frequent dressings and would leave a stretched scar. The scar could be revised at a later stage.

This should improve on its own in few months time. However, it could be permanent.

This means that the breast drops down by gravity/weight. That is normal within limits. However, if it is excessive, this could need further surgery.

This means that a localised part of breast tissue losses its blood supply and changes into liquid (Oil). This express itself by being a tender point in the breast. Overlying skin might be red and hot. It is a self-limiting process or might need aspiration by a syringe.

Red, lumpy or red scarring may be present. Everyone is different and there cannot be any guarantee about the quality of the scar. The surgeon holds no control what so ever on the individual body healing.

This is bulging folds of skin at the end of the scar. This may require revision surgery to improve the appearance.

These may spontaneously surface to skin and needs removal.

Complete symmetry is very rare. I will do every effort to provide best results however; a degree of asymmetry is inevitable.

Important information.

The decision to undergo a surgical procedure is life changing. It is not something that should be agreed without major consideration and it’s highly important that you feel happy and confident with your choices every step of the way. Before deciding to have any type of Cosmetic Treatment or Surgery we recommend that you read the following attachments to make sure you are fully informed.