Key benefits: Feel confident and love your arms. A long lasting smoother and firmer upper arm profile. Removal of fat and excess loose skin from your arm area.

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Arm Lift Surgery.

Arm lift surgery – also known as Bingo-Wings treatment. Cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of the arm. Discover life-changing information about this popular plastic surgery procedure. Alternatively contact me to book a FREE consultation: To discuss whether this cosmetic surgery technique is right for you, to view before and after photos and more.

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What is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift is a type of cosmetic surgery to help improve the shape of your arm. The plastic surgeon that performs your arm lift surgery will remove fat and excess loose skin from your arm area. This is done to create a upper arm profile that is smoother & firmer.  This type of cosmetic surgery on the arm is usually long lastingLiposuction is sometimes added to aid an improved overall result.

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Some more exceptionally kind words from my beautiful arm lift surgery clients…

“After speaking to Mr El Gawad he was such a friendly and pleasant, honest person. He listened to me and he advised me of timings, and procedures about what was involved. He wanted to make sure my weight had stabilized and so I agreed to go back and see him at the end of June 18. We agreed on doing my surgery in 2 stages as I needed a tummy tuck plus a hernia repair. Doing it all in one go was too long of an operation so in July 18 I went into Pall Mall Medical in Newton Le Willows and had my arm lift and also a breast lift.

“I am just two weeks post op now and having seen Mr El Gawad for my follow up appointment I am extremely pleased with the outcome so far. I am still healing and wont know the extent of the scars but looking at the cuts so far they are very good. What also got me was that Mr El Gawad phoned me at home the day after I went home to make sure everything was ok with me and I had no problems. In clinic for my follow up he was so positive and friendly. He wont let me rush my next surgery making sure I am fully healed from this surgery first. Very wise. The staff at Pall Mall Medical are all so nice. Such lovely people.”

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Wondering what to expect? At a glance, this is what you should typically expect following your arm lift surgery…

2 – 3

Hours in surgery

0 – 1

Days in hospital

2 – 3

Weeks before driving

5 – 6

Weeks before strenuous exercise

There is so much to talk about with regard to your arm lift surgery. This section is all about FAQs, specific risks and other important information.

FAQs Risks Other info

What to expect & FAQs.

Ok, so you now know what can be achieved with arm lift cosmetic surgery: But when would it be done? What will happen during the actual surgery itself? Will you be awake during surgery ? How much is arm lift surgery?Click on the tabs below to get the answers to these questions and more.

Arm lift Surgery (brachioplasty) is a very effective technique to get rid of stubborn fat and loose skin, from the upper arms, that you have been unable to remove through diet or exercise.

Some patients may find that there is excess fat on their arms but they do not have the excess skin present that categorically suggests a arm lift is needed. In these cases liposuction may be a more suitable treatment.  In other cases where both excess fat and skin is present, Mr El Gawad offers liposuction in conjunction with the arm lift surgery to achieve the desired outcome.

Price of brachioplasty / Arm Lift in Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and Newton Le Willows.

This is a guide price – Arm Lift Cost. £6,340.00

If you decide to have arm lift surgery with Mr El Gawad, it is important to have at least one consultation before the operation takes place.  During these initial meetings, Mr El Gawad will discuss what will happen before, during and after the arm lift surgery. He will also prepare you for any pain you might feel after coming out of theatre. Mr El Gawad is extremely knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you have. He will assess your overall health and suggest the best course of treatment to your individual needs.

Mr El Gawad will reassess your arms (and any other areas on your body that are to be operated on on the day of surgery. Photographs will be taken for your medical records. Mr El Gawad will use a special marker pen to draw the position of the intended surgical cuts on your body.

Other considerations may include:

  • You should stop smoking 8 weeks prior to surgery to aid your healing rate.
  • It is advised that you stop taking the contraceptive pill four to six weeks before surgery to reduce the chances of you suffering from thrombosis. Make sure that you use an alternative method of contraception during this time.

Arm lift surgery is usually done under general anaesthesia. There are some clinics however that may do arm lift surgery under a local anaesthetic with sedation.  Under a general anaesthetic you will be totally asleep during the operation whereas under a local you will be conscious but sedated so that you are not able to feel any pain.

The above will depend on the surgeon you are having it with. If you are having a general anaesthesia for your arm lift surgery you will be asked to avoid food or anything to drink for several hours before the operation takes place.

The surgeon will make precise cuts along the inside of the arms before carefully removing the excess skin that normally hangs underneath the arms. The skin is then stitched back into place. In some cases liposuction would be also used to remove any excess fat and sculpture the shape of the arms.  The surgeon will try to place the cut lines with the natural contours of the arm. This is to help blend any resulting scarring.

Arm lift surgery usually takes two to three hours. You may be required to stay in hospital overnight to check everything is ok.

Many people believe that arm lift surgery is only performed on Women. The number of men that Mr El Gawad books in for arm lift surgery, from his clinics in Liverpool and Manchester, increases year on year. Therefore both men and women can have arm lift surgery.

You will be offered pain relief to help with any discomfort you have after your arm lift surgery has taken place.

You will not be able to drive after having arm lift surgery therefore someone would need to drive you home.

It is advised that you have someone stay with you for a day or two after leaving hospital.

The recovery time is very individual and will vary from each person depending on a number of factors. Your stitches will need to be removed after about a week. Unless you have had dissolvable stitches in which case they will disappear on their own.  This is just a general guide but it is recommended that the average person takes two weeks off work after having arm lift surgery.  Do not drive for approximately 3 weeks and avoid strenuous exercise for 5 to 6 weeks after surgery.

You will see an instant improvement.  There may be some swelling which should subside within a few months after having your arm lift surgery.

Specific risks.

Having arm lift surgery is a major decision. Cosmetic surgery can sometimes go wrong and the results may not be what you expected.The following points cover the specific risks associated with this procedure. Click on each point for more information on that specific risk.

This usually happens in the early few hours to few days. This may require a visit back to theatre.

This usually happens in the first few days. This may need a course of antibiotics. However, severe infection may lead to loss of tissue.

This may need frequent dressings and would leave a stretched scar. The scar could be revised at a later stage.

This is a collection of tissue fluid in the wound. This may need drainage by a syringe. However, the chances of re-accumulation are inevitable.

This usually corrects itself in time although in more serious cases could be permanent.

Scars, which are permanent; asymmetry, red or lumpy. No guarantee about the quality of the scar. No control what so ever on the individual body healing.

This is bulging folds of skin at the end of the scar. This may require revision surgery to improve the appearance.

Sutures; may spontaneously surface to skin and needs removal.

Important information.

The decision to undergo a surgical procedure is life changing. It is not something that should be decided upon lightly and it’s highly important that you feel happy and confident with your choices every step of the way. Before deciding to have any type of Cosmetic Treatment or Surgery we recommend that you read the following attachments to make sure you are fully informed. Click on each link to access the PDF attachment.