EIGHT ways to tell if your routine wrinkle treatment has gone WRONG and if they injected the WRONG muscle.

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Has your routine anti-wrinkle injection gone wrong?  Are you at risk? Read on to find out.  Plastic surgery in Manchester, Liverpool and the rest of the UK is soaring.  BAAPS , the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons recently published some revealing figures. These figures show that 28,315 women underwent surgical procedures during the last year alone. The figures show a big rise amongst the 19-34 age group:  Between 2011 and 2015  requests for Botox and Fillers rose by a massive 41 per cent.

We live in an age of social media galore.  Most of us expect to see perfect looking selfies flash across our tablets as a norm. So you may be surprised to hear, that the number of complaints of botched treatments is unfortunately just as high.

It’s ironic really

Most people book to have Plastic Surgery, or one of the many non-surgical treatments available within the Manchester area, with similar aims: They want to help hide the natural effect of aging. Or to improve their appearance somehow. But what happens when there is an error in your Botox treatment: Not only is the evidence there for the whole world to see, but it’s also usually a lot worse than you expected.

There is a number of factors that can increase the chances of it going wrong.  For example: If you have your treatment done by someone who isn’t a registered doctor, plastic surgeon or health professional.

The industry isn’t regulated

You wouldn’t visit your local beauty salon for plastic surgery. To have your treatment done by a practitioner who has only had 1 days training: The same should apply for non-surgical treatments.

If you find yourself having your treatment done by an amateur and something goes wrong what should you expect? At best the results will be invisible.  At worst they could be terrible. You could end up with a wonky face:  Your eyelids could drop. Or you could even end up with brows that mimic the look of the iconic Star Trek Character ‘Spock’. Which believe me, ‘isn’t’ a good look!!

The aim of any plastic surgery or non-surgical procedure should be the same: A good result of Botox, should be aiming to make you look natural and a better version of yourself. So next time you book that appointment in Manchester or Liverpool: Or somewhere else in the UK and you start to wonder if the treatment went completely to plan: Here is a guide that will help you determine whether are are experiencing a ‘botox gone wrong’ scenario. And if you are, if there is anything that can be done about it.

  • You are sporting Narcissistic brows.

I’m not talking personality here. ‘Botox gone wrong’ can result in a look similar to Spock off Star Trek. This will make you look like you are walking around with a constant sneer. Your eyebrows will upturn sharply and they will look very unnatural. Just think of any evil queen in your favourite Disney movie and you will get the idea. This can happen if the site of injection was as little as a millimetre or so off from where it should have been. If this happens it means that the wrong muscle was injected. Sometimes, but not always, a further injection can be given to rectify the result and make the eyebrow relax. In other cases you will need to wait for it to wear off – usually 3 to 4 months.

Quizzical Brows.

Ok, instead of playing your favourite Disney queen and sporting the constant sneering look; this is when one of your eyebrows arches differently from the other. This ‘botox-gone-wrong’ scenario will result in that constant quizzical look. This could occur after one of two reasons:

1. Your Botox was administered unevenly OR

2.Your injector neglected to consider the natural symmetry of your face.

Not only is this mistake embarrassing but it will take a while for the result to diminish and your normal look return.

  • You have a completely frozen look.

Botox works to eliminate, or reduce wrinkles, by the action of temporarily paralysing the muscles in your face. However if this is done correctly you should still be able to ‘move’ your face and have a full range of facial movements. For example you should still  have the ability to frown or raise your eyebrows. If your injector uses too much product, you will find your face remains completely expressionless at all times and the only part of your lips that will move is your lips. This frozen face looks completely unnatural and unfortunately will only reverse in time.

  • The iron forehead look.

If the injector puts too much Botox into the frontalis muscle, it can end up in a situation where the forehead looks ironed and completely immobile. This botox gone wrong situation looks too relaxed to look good. This can also result in a situation where the patient struggles to open their eyes properly. Again only time will result in this situation to improve.


  • Eyelid droop

This is similar to the scenario above. If the Botox is injected into the wrong place, the eyelid muscles can become too relaxed and instead achieve a constantly drooped look. Time is the only healer for this scenario and luckily it isn’t permanent.


  • People can guess that you have had something done.

Approximately 90% of people who book in for plastic surgery or non-surgical treatments; in our Manchester; Liverpool; Newton – Le – Willows or Bolton clinics; report to be doing it for themselves and no one else. Therefore they do not want anyone to notice that they have had the botox or surgical treatment done. If for example you are walking along the street and someone you meet knows immediately that you have had something done: It may be time to find yourself a new practitioner.

  • There is no difference.

Sometimes you may find that you get absolutely zero effect after your procedure. Botox resistance is possible but it’s very rare. Usually if you find nothing happens after your Botox treatment – it’s because your injector injected the wrong muscle or missed the muscle completely.

  • Droopy or lopsided facial features.

Botox gone wrong scenarios can temporarily ruin your appearance by making your features appear droopy and lopsided. This can include a droopy smile, facial droop and lower eyelid droop.

In a few instances more Botox can be injected in other areas of the face to counteract the effect. Unfortunately, more often than not, time is the only thing that will reverse it. Mistakes do happen, but you can reduce the chances of these occurring by doing your homework. Make sure any practitioner that you visit is a registered doctor, plastic surgeon or other health professional.

End thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you considering plastic surgery in Manchester or Liverpool – contact me to book a FREE consultation. During this we can discuss a wide range of procedures to suit your needs. Finance available on all cosmetic surgery treatments. Subject to status. 10% discount offered for NHS staff.