Thigh lift surgery

thigh lift surgery

There are a wide range of cosmetic surgery options available that target a variety of areas across the body. One popular option is thigh lift surgery, which is also known as thighplasty. This is a highly effective cosmetic procedure that can reshape and rejuvenate the thighs. But what does this involve and how can this type of surgery improve body image and body shape?

Initial consultation process for thigh lift surgery 

Before any type of surgery it’s important to hold an initial consultation with a certified, professional and reputable plastic surgeon. This provides the opportunity to discuss the surgery, your aims and goals, and your unique circumstances to ensure that the right procedure is selected for your needs and requirements, and that the right approach is selected for your thigh lift surgery.

What are the different types of thigh lift surgery?

There are two main types of thigh lift surgery, including the medial (inner) thigh lift and lateral (outer) thigh lift. The right thigh lift for your body will depend on the aims and goals of the surgery as well as your specific concerns and body type. 

The most common type of thigh lift is the medial thigh lift. This is surgery that resolves issues with the skin and volume of the inner thigh. As part of this surgery, a small incision along the groin crease will be made, through which excess skin and fat will be removed. This can create a more toned appearance and is particularly popular for people who have lost a lot of weight, and are now struggling with excess skin. 

A lateral thigh lift on the other hand, involves making an incision that extends from the hip to the buttock area. This approach is ideal for those with loose skin extending to the lateral thigh region.

Both types of thigh lift surgeries aim to create a smoother, firmer, and more youthful thigh contour. 

Recovery process for thigh lift surgery 

Recovery from thigh lift surgery tends to vary between patients but it is common for this to take several weeks. During this time it is essential that the recommendations and instructions from the surgeon are followed to the letter, avoiding strenuous activities and taking time to rest and heal fully. 

It may take a few weeks for the results of thigh lift surgery to become apparent, as there will be a notable amount of swelling. 

What are the risks associated with thigh lift surgery?

All surgery has risks and associated problems, but complications associated with thigh lift surgery are rare. These are reduced further when you choose a professional and qualified surgeon with an exceptional international record, like Dr Gawad here at Mr Plastic Surgeon. 

What are the benefits of thigh lift surgery?

The benefits of thigh lift surgery can be life-changing. Beyond the physical improvements, patients often report increased self-esteem and body confidence. This is particularly important for individuals who have undergone significant weight loss and are left with excess skin that can be both uncomfortable and have a negative impact on mental well-being.

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