5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Tummy Tuck. Part 1

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“I’m looking for a tummy tuck in Manchester, can you help?” One of the most frustrating areas of our body is the stomach. Normal physical changes such as; weight fluctuations, childbirth or the normal aging process, can lead to undesired bodily changes such as excess skin and fat accumulating around our midriff. In many cases diet and exercise just isn’t enough, no matter how hard you try, to reclaim the figure we had in our younger self.  So back to my opening statement “I’m looking for a tummy tuck in Manchester, can you help?” This is a very common request for a very popular procedure. But as with any cosmetic procedure, it is extremely important that you do your homework to understand exactly just what is involved with the surgery in question. A tummy tuck can change lives and it is true that it can be beneficial for many men and women who seek to change areas of their body: but as with everything it will not suit everyone. Therefore this two part blog will look at 5 tummy tuck facts you must consider before going ahead and booking that finalized surgery date.

1. A tummy tuck is not a weight loss treatment – and you should be at a stable weight for the best results.

Going ahead with a tummy tuck is a fantastic way to reshape the body and fine tune and sculpt the figure, but it is definitely not a replacement for weight loss. Therefore it is usually recommended that you be as near to your desired weight as possible and have been at a stable weight for 6 to 12 months before going ahead with the procedure. This is important and effects the long term result; as if you add or lose weight after you have had your tummy tuck you may find it undo’s the contoured shape that was achieved through the surgery itself. Fluctuations in weight can result in a stretching of the abdominal tissues, which may mean you have to have further surgery to re-establish the benefit that you got through the initial process of having surgery.

2. You will have a permanent scar.

A tummy tuck is an exceptionally popular procedure and has truly changed the lives of many, who struggle with body confidence issues and are unable to change it through diet or exercise: yet It is very important to note that the procedure will leave a scar along the stomach or abdomen.  This usually runs as a horizontal line that reaches from hip to hip above the pubic bone. The scar will be red and angry immediately after surgery although should fade over time to be less noticeable.

Body contouring is an area that Mr El Gawad specializes in and a tummy tuck in Manchester or one his other clinics is a procedure he has very worked hard with to get his expert status. Visit part two of this blog series to read 3 other factors that you must consider before going ahead with this life changing procedure.