How to save money by having Cosmetic Surgery Abroad AND still have your consultation, procedure & After care done by a UK surgeon

A unique opportunity to save £££’s on your cosmetic surgery

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We all like to find a bargain. I mean we work hard for our money: Therefore its safe to say that most of us like to feel that the things we do spend our money on is good value. It’s also true that we all like to look good too. When we look our best, we FEEL our best. And that’s what it is all about, is it not? With both of those in mind, its quite understandable therefore why many patients look to having their cosmetic surgery overseas, in an attempt to save money on something which can otherwise put quite a fair dent in the good old bank balance.

And of course there are lots of other benefits in addition to the financial savings associated with traveling abroad for surgery.


And of course there are lots of other benefits in addition to the financial savings associated with traveling abroad for surgery. The sun is one of them! We all love a good holiday: An opportunity to relax in the glorious sunshine and enjoy time away from real life back at home. It’s vitally important that after surgery, to aid healing and to reduce the risk of complications, one truly does look after themself and commit to relaxation as a number 1 priority. At home however this is not always possible, even with the best of intentions. Family demands, housework or dirty washing, work emergencies and more are all common reasons that patients come up with in regards to why they were not able to follow the strict recovery guidelines. In other words life just got in the way!

Therefore a cosmetic surgery holiday gives you that all important space of having to do absolutely nothing – meaning your healing and relaxation can truly take a number 1 priority for the time immediately after surgery. That must be a good thing yes? That’s not to mention being pampered for a week and enjoying a fantastic range of quality cuisine offered at the hotel restaurant. Yummy! With all these benefits why would you NOT go abroad and have your cosmetic surgery experience?

Well actually, there is a very good reason!

In fact there are a few! You’ve probably heard some of the horror stories in the recent headlines about the dangers of having cosmetic surgery abroad. Where patients have had treatment in lets say less than ok circumstances. Some of these horrific accounts include patients who have been operated on by surgeons with no formal qualifications (yes this actually happens, as many countries just do not have the level of safety requirements and quality that the UK has come to know as standard!). Problems associated with language barriers have also been reported where miscommunications between patients and surgeons have resulted in unexpected and often, unwanted results, after the procedure has taken place.

Another problem commonly associated with cosmetic surgery abroad is the issue surrounding hidden costs and what happens if there are any complications? In the UK, it is standard procedure, that in the unfortunate event that there are complications there would be no additional costs to the client for any surgery that has to be revisited: However this often not normal procedure in clinics overseas and there have been numerous accounts where patients have had to face spending thousands and thousands on top of the original surgery costs to have various complications corrected.

Finally another problem often associated with surgery abroad is the follow up appointments: The human body is unique to every person and therefore sometimes it does unexpected things during the healing process. It is important that there are follow up appointments after the initial surgery where individual care and advice can be offered depending on the unique needs of the individual patient. I mean – how are you meant to have a thorough follow up appointment if your surgeon is on another continent?

The UK standard of care in regards to quality, education and safety are some of the best in the world. No one can get away from that fact! The training I have been through to get to where I am today has been absolutely exceptional and at times really intense and in depth. Not to mention life long and if you follow my social media accounts you will see that I am regularly attending additional training events at any given opportunity. The UK standard is exceptional and therefore every single patient who is operated on by a UK surgeon has that extra peace of mind and level of security that their experience will be of the highest standards. The truth is that many surgeons overseas just cannot offer the level of expertise and this unfortunately is putting many peoples lives at risk, as patients are very often unaware of the dangers.

So how can you enjoy all the benefits of a cosmetic surgery holiday including the huge financial savings AND still be in the knowledge that you are being operated on by a Leading UK surgeon who has had the outstanding level of training that all UK medics must go through? I believe I have found the perfect answer.

I welcome you to my new prestigious clinic in Cairo, Egypt. I am offering huge financial savings to all clients coming from the UK or Europe on traditional UK prices. Not only can I offer you massive savings but also you will enjoy a level of quality and care that is superior to that of what your experience would be in the UK: Your hospital stay will give you the level of treatment that is comparable to a five star hotel and your hotel, flight and transfer details will be taken care of; meaning all you need to do is get yourself to the airport and choose your cosmetic procedure. In regards to the sun, well it’s true that I can perform miracles in regards to cosmetic procedures but unfortunately that does not extend to the local weather. That said, Cairo is famous for its beautiful blue sky’s and its back to back sunshine, so although I cannot extend this on my guarantee its fairly safe to say you should enjoy some gorgeous sunshine on your travels.

Your aftercare will be followed up back in the UK at one of my clinics in Northwest England. Meaning that your after surgery package will be specialised and catered to your individual needs and I will be available for you back home for emergency follow ups should the need ever arise.

So there we are. Here I am offering you a unique experience not ever seen before in the UK. An opportunity to enjoy ALL the benefits of a cosmetic surgery holiday but also with the knowledge you are under the care of a UK surgeon who has had some of the most intense level of trainings in the entire world.

Contact me today for a consultation (either in the UK or Cairo depending on your location) and we can discuss your individual requirements.

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