The Consultation. Questions to Ask.

plastic surgery FAQs

You’ve decided to go ahead with cosmetic surgery in Manchester, Liverpool or nearby. Let’s imagine that it is a tummy tuck in Manchester that you are looking for or a tummy tuck in Liverpool.  You’ve done your research and found a plastic surgeon in Manchester that sounds promising; or a plastic surgeon in Liverpool that meets all the criteria that you have been looking for.  So what happens next?  The consultation is a face-to-face meeting; that allows you to find more information about the procedure that you are considering. This includes subjects such as: What is involved and is the procedure right for you: Or whether you should maybe be considering something else.

So you are now on your way to your consultation. What questions should you be asking? The outcome of this meeting will determine many things. It will also help you decide on whether the plastic surgeon  in question, is in fact, the right person to carry out the procedure: Therefore it’s vital you do not miss anything out. Here are a few things to consider.

1. Who will actually perform your Tummy tuck?

It is important that you meet with the actual person who will be operating on you. Therefore you should ask the question, to ensure that this is the case.  Mr El Gawad offers a totally free initial consultation. This is to ensure that the goals and expectations of surgery are clearly known and understood by both parties. He encourages that you are completely honest and open with your expectations and what you are currently unhappy with.

2. What qualifications does the surgeon have?

In some countries there is no legal requirement for a person who is performing surgery to be qualified. Meaning that the person doing your Tummy tuck may be no more qualified that your local shopkeeper. It is therefore vitally important that you ask detailed questions. Ask about their qualifications and do not just assume they have been correctly trained.  Mr El Gawad holds a variety of valid qualifications. He is entered on the General Medical Council (GMC) specialist register. He also is a full member of the British Association. As well as the Aesthetic Plastic surgeons (BAAPS) and the British Association of Plastic surgeons.  In addition Mr El Gawad is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (RCSEd) . Finally he is a member of the European Board of Plastic Surgery (EBOPRAS).

3. What is the complication and re-operation rate of the plastic surgeon?

Ask the surgeon how they calculate their results: How many complications occur and what percentage of their patients has to have additional corrective surgery? These are questions that a good cosmetic surgeon will be able to answer, in an honest and open manner.

4. What are the risks associated with the procedure.

There are risks and possible complications with any surgical operation. So back to the example:  Once you have decided to have your tummy tuck in Manchester, Liverpool or nearby, a good surgeon will not shy away from going through the exact risks associated with surgery. They will also discuss what the potential complications could be.

5. What will the results be and how long will they last?

It is important that you ask the surgeon questions like: “Will the surgery have to be repeated in the future?.  Ask them to define any terms regarding the final outcome that you do not understand. A good surgeon will give a full explanation of what to expect and how the effect can be maintained in the future.

6. What aftercare will be provided?

Whatever the procedure the aftercare should be regarded as important as the initial surgery itself! It is important that you know what will happen and how long you will be looked after, especially if there are any complications. Mr El Gawad prides himself on his aftercare. As his many reviews confirm; he is available both before and after your surgery at all times to ensure your care is always an utmost priority.