Want a Breast reduction? Read this first.

Are you considering a Breast Reduction in Manchester, Liverpool, Newton – Le – Willows or Bolton?  Bigger is not always the better option: For women who have exceptionally large breasts, they may actually find them painful. The weight of a larger breast can cause bad posture resulting in neck, back or shoulder pain as well as discomfort from underwear digging into the skin. Other ladies may just find that their larger breasts negatively affect their self-confidence and overall body image.  Do you resonate with any of these symptoms?  If so then this procedure may be just what you need.

What is involved?

Our private clinic usually performs the procedure under general anaesthetic.  There are several techniques that can be used for a breast reduction, but this surgical procedure usually involves these following features: Your nipple will be moved to an enhanced position and in most cases this will be done whilst its still connected to your bodies blood supply.  The procedure will involve the removal of the surplus fat, skin and glandular tissue from the breast. Finally the remaining breast tissue will be reshaped to give a more desirable end result.

The breast reduction surgery should take between 2 and 3 hours in surgery. Most patients are asked to stay in hospital for 1 to 2 days but this depends on the individual case.

You should expect to have some scarring after the procedure has been done.  Scarring could be evident around the nipple or alternatively as an anchor-shape scar: This means there will be a vertical and horizontal scar across the breast crease. Another way the scarring may be present is to run down vertically to the breast crease.

So there we have it; although our service is usually done for women who have exceptionally large breasts who are largely looking for relief; it is a procedure that can be performed on any cup size.  This means for example that if you have smaller sized breasts and they hurt when you perform your favourite sport, you still are a candidate for a breast reduction.

This post has looked at who may be suitable and what is involved with this type of surgery. Come back tomorrow to see what to expect after the procedure.