Cosmetic Neck Surgery

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Why your neck is the new 'age giveaway'. An inside look at neck lift surgery. Neck lift surgery is on the rise! But just what is neck lift surgery and when would this type of surgery be on your wish list? The face and eyes are often given lots of TLC and anti-aging [...]

Body Image and Self-Esteem

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When the desire to look beautiful becomes dangerous... Have you ever looked in the mirror and hated what you saw staring back? I know I don’t always love what I see! I think it’s safe to say that most of us have at least one point in our life felt unhappy with our [...]

Do the health benefits of plastic surgery outweigh the risks?

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 When is having plastic surgery helpful to your mental and physical health - and when does it become harmful? Are there any health benefits of plastic surgery? Well -If we look at the history of modern plastic surgery we will see that it was initially developed to help care for the soldiers of [...]