Struggling to lose weight? Are you simply ‘fat’? Or is it something more?

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Do you suffer from a condition that means you are unable to lose weight no matter what you do? Discover more about this often misdiagnosed ailment and how it can be treated. Are you struggling to lose weight? Weight management is something on the forefront of many people minds. Whether its trialling the new [...]

EIGHT ways to tell if your routine wrinkle treatment has gone WRONG and if they injected the WRONG muscle.

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Has your routine anti-wrinkle injection gone wrong?  Are you at risk? Read on to find out.  Plastic surgery in Manchester, Liverpool and the rest of the UK is soaring.  BAAPS , the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons recently published some revealing figures. These figures show that 28,315 women underwent surgical procedures during the [...]

Rhinoplasty – The Recovery

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Let’s imagine you have just had a ‘nose job’ or Rhinoplasty in Liverpool, Manchester or another one of our local clinics. What should you expect after your surgery has taken place and during the recovery? How long before you can get back to normal life and how long until you see the final result. [...]

A Smile Is Happiness You Will Find, Right Under Your Nose

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A very popular asked for procedure is a ‘nose job’ or rhinoplasty. If looking for a rhinoplasty in Manchester, Liverpool, Newton le Willows or Bolton, you may be visiting this website to see what is involved in this common surgical technique.  This series of 2 blogs will tell you everything you need to know. [...]

5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Tummy Tuck. Part 2

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Enquiries about a tummy tuck in Liverpool, Manchester, Newton le Willows or Bolton come in on an almost daily basis as patients try to overcome frustrating issues they are unable to change though diet or exercise. And it’s true a tummy tuck can and has changed many lives over Mr El Gawads’ career within [...]

5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Tummy Tuck. Part 1

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“I’m looking for a tummy tuck in Manchester, can you help?” One of the most frustrating areas of our body is the stomach. Normal physical changes such as; weight fluctuations, childbirth or the normal aging process, can lead to undesired bodily changes such as excess skin and fat accumulating around our midriff. In many [...]

Just What Should You Expect After a Breast Reduction?

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So yesterday we looked at the popular procedure - a breast reduction in Liverpool, Manchester, Newton le Willows or Bolton. If you are unsure whether this is the right procedure for you and have not read our earlier entry, then I recommend you go there first.  Today we are going to look at what [...]

Want a Breast reduction? Read this first.

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Are you considering a Breast Reduction in Manchester, Liverpool, Newton – Le - Willows or Bolton?  Bigger is not always the better option: For women who have exceptionally large breasts, they may actually find them painful. The weight of a larger breast can cause bad posture resulting in neck, back or shoulder pain as [...]